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We offer the most complete house painting & Plastering services in the country, from small kitchen repaint to large subdivision units. We are specialised in new or repaint. Professional house painters and plasteres in Auckland can help you with your project.

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we’ve paint hundreds of private buildings and facilities. It may not sound like a lot, but if you estimate the manpower, working hours, materials, planning and correlating that were all involved in completing each separate project, then our productivity is immense! 

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We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the NZ. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality paint materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.

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For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to complete all projects with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and contractors. 

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We ensure that always hiring the talented peoples so this will improve our company.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire Professional Painters

Worried about the mess involved in getting your house as painted? Calm down, if you love your house and want to grasp a mesmerizing look for it, we at Shine Painters Auckland provides our immense support in bringing to you the soundest of our painting services.

“I am not in the favor to paint the walls again, last time it disturbed my whole budget and took weeks to clear the mess.” Exactly, when it’s about painting the house, many people carry the same perception with them. They deem like getting their walls and exterior done will break their bank account and bring to them a week-long list of tasks to gather things around and wiping the paint marks. Well, it’s not like getting your house as painted is a daunting task, it is something more dependent on the class of workers or agency you choose to handle your house repaint or fresh paint contract. Understand, professionals actually know their timelines and they never stretch your budget; they make sure to afford you a complete job, that involves cleaning and taking care of the nearby areas of paint marks to preserve the beauty of your house and unburdening your shoulders of extra tasks.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire Professional Painters.

1. You Save Time.

Again, professionals know about their timelines and they can precisely calculate the buffer time if any. With professional painting services you get assured of the work and invest your time in other activities.

2. You Get Quality Work.

Assuredly, you can save money by hiring cheap workers or giving your contract to any of the non-trusted agencies, however, the chances for you of getting the quality work drops to low. Unskilled workers only do their work for the sake of completing the work while skilled professionals leave the emblems of quality in every square foot they complete.

3. You Seize Perfection.

Certainly, perfection is what you get hiring the professionals. While for a normal painter a wall serves as only a wall, for a professional it acts as a painter’s board which can be lifted in its beauty by taking care of every contour, edge and even the smallest of details.

4. You Perceive Efficiency.

By choosing the painting services from the professionals you free yourself from the activities such as continuous monitoring of their work and telling them their neglection points. Professionals exactly know the ins and outs of their job, they leave no stone unturned to attain the highest level of efficiency.

5. You Get Insured

Professionals carry license to do their job and the related agency takes the responsibility to fix the problems that arise due to them. For example, who will take the responsibility if any of the workers breakthe statue in the garden area? Though it never happens but then too, you need to be on a safer side.

In essence, hiring professionals always take you away from the undesired headaches. While there are numerous painting services agencies available in the market, we recommend you to choose only the BEST HOUSE PAINTERS, AUCKLAND, to make your grip on the end result.

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With 200+ projects completed, that means we’ve been finishing 1 painting work per each 3 weeks, on average… That’s a threshold that we’re proud to keep up!

Shine Painters and Tilers have more than 15 years experience in tiling across Auckland and Hamilton. we are one of

when you hire shine painters for your next tiling job, you can be assured that you will be getting the

Painting a currently apartment can be challenging but not for shinepainters. We are professionals that can organise our work and

Top 3 Reasons You Should Definitely Invest In Exterior Painting of Your House

Feeling stressed observing the paint patches coming out of your external walls? Don’t worry, Shine Painters Auckland delivers to you the ultimate solution to eradicate all your exterior painting worries.

Is it right to invest in external paint job? Means, investing in interior painting services sounds as good, but it really important to think about exterior painting too! Exactly, while many people hold the same thinking, they forget about the important factors that serve as crucial when it comes to exterior painting. Concede, external paint not only gives your house a perfect look, a kind of the first impression but also protect your external walls against sunlight, rain, and dust. Obviously, you will never want people to see and criticize the paint patches drying and coming out of your external walls behind your back. No matter how good you have maintained your interiors, if you have neglected your exteriors, you have overlooked some of the most crucial aspects.

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Why Is It Important To Invest In Exterior Painting?

1.  It Increases the Value of Your Property

Straightforwardly, your investment in decent painting services increases the value of your property. If you wish to shift to change your house due to any of the reasons and want to sell off your existing property, you can attract maximum of potential buyers just by investing a little amount in external painting services. Rest assured, you will get far more than your investment in painting job.

2.  It Protects Your Home

Exterior painting is not only confined to making your house as beautiful and full of colors, more to that it plays a  significant role in protecting your external walls against the bad effect of rains, sunlight, dust etc. Certainly, if you are investing wisely in exterior painting, automatically you are shrinking the chances for prompt repair costs involving seepage problems and paint-patches.

Searching for Professional House Painters, Auckland? Fantastic. If you would like a free quote, contact us now at 02108886165 or visit www.shinepainters.co.nz/  for more details.

3.  It Increases Your Prestige

Undoubtedly, impressive exterior painting can attract the praises to you. If you would like to flaunt your beautifully designed house without breaking your bank account and spending a huge amount of renovation, simply, go ahead with your idea of house repaint and assuredly, your neighbors will not get tired praising the magnetism that your house will create for them. So, are you ready!

As professional painters, we guarantee you will get only the best services from our side. With an immensely experienced team of experts to analyze your painting services need and hard-working professionals to paint your every wall with perfection, we at Shine Painters believe in supplying only the Best House Painters, Auckland. Whether you are planning for a house repaint or paint it as fresh, you get only the genuine services with us.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“I would like to thank you again for the hard work you and your team have put into the wonderful repainting of our house in Flat Bush, Auckland. The overall result was fantastic.”

Andrew Fairfield

“Shine painters successfully completed the exterior repaint of our old house in Dannemora, Auckland. This project was done with high quality and I am recommending Shine painters Auckland to any house owners!”